Full Service School Carnival
Full Service School Carnival

Full Service School Carnival


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How it works?

All Star Jump will provide everything you need for the entire event!  Our staff will setup, take down, and clean up!

Full Color Flyers for Each Student

3 Full Color Posters

4 Staff Members

5 Large Inflatables (Wristband Only) $7 Door Price $6 Pre-Sale

16 Foot Slide

30 Foot Obstacle Course

Bungee Run

Bounce Castle

Rock Climb and Slide

Concessions   $.50 per ticket 

Pop/Bottle Water (2 Tickets)

Popcorn (2 Tickets) 

Cotton Candy (3 Tickets)

Hot Dog (3 Tickets)

Nachos and Cheese (4 Tickets)

Hot Dog/Chips/Drink Meal (5 Tickets)

Carnival Games and More

8 Carnival Games and Booths (1 Ticket per play and every play wins.  Consolation and Winner Prizes)

Prize Walk (Similar to cake walk. every player wins, 1 player gets a big prize, per turn)

Face Painting! 6 Tickets (All Star Jump will provide 1 Artist).

What we need from you!

Date and Time:

18 Volunteers 15 Minutes Prior To Start Time1 Hour Increments (Sign Up Sheet)

VOLUNTEER LIST  2-Wristbands/Tickets: 5-Inflatables: 8-Carnival Booth: 3-Food Booth:

Some power access from School.  Inflatables operate off of Generators

Half Sheet Black/White Flyer to Remind Students, Place on Website, and Reader Board

Cheer leading and Excitement.  Get Staff, Students, and Families Excited!

Trash Cans

At the end of the event a member of the All Star Jump team and the PTO will add up all sales together.  All Star Jump will provide the food cost and that will be subtracted from the total of sales before giving back 20%.  At that point the school can write All Star Jump a check or Vice Versa.  A receipt, if necessary, will be emailed to PTO the day after.


Gross Sales $4,000.00

Fuel Cost      -$100.00 

Food Cost     -$100.00

Net Sales       $3,800.00

School 20%   $760.00

ASJ                $3,240. 00 (Includes Sales, Food, and Fuel Cost)


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  • Rainbow BouncerRainbow Bouncer

    Rainbow Red, Yellow & Blue Bounce House

     This castle is a perfect gender neutral bouncer for boys and girls! It's a fun addition to a birthday party, school function, family picnic, or carnival to keep the kids busy all day long!

    Make sure to leave at least 3 feet of space open on each side for safety reasons.

    Actual Size: 13x13x15
    Setup Area: 13x13x15
    Outlets: 1
    Participants: 8
    Age Group: 10 and younger

  • 30 Foot Dual Lane Challenge30 Foot Dual Lane Challenge

    This is a 2 piece obstacle course that is Velcro together in the middle. Lighter then most and can be done by 1 person.

    Unit size: 20x30x16

    L & I Inspected- May 2020

  • 90' Mega Obstacle Course90' Mega Obstacle Course

    Race your friends on this monster!

    This monster is 90 FEET LONG and is guaranteed to make you huff and puff by the end of it. The course offers a series of obstacles that are designed to challenge even the most fit individuals. From running and climbing to jumping and sliding, participants will get it all on this course.  Can be setup side by side  

    (45L x 35W x 25H) or also set up long

     (90L x 25W x 25H)

    L & I Inspected- May 2020

  • Commercial Dunk Tank (No Window)Commercial Dunk Tank (No Window)

    A dunk tank, also known as a dunking booth or dunking machine, is an attraction mainly used in funfairs, fundraisers, and personal parties. A dunk tank consists of a large tank of water, over which a volunteer is suspended while sitting on a collapsing seat. The game is played by a ball being thrown at a target attached to the tank which, if hit, causes the seat to collapse, “dunking” the person into the tank.  This dunk tank does not have a window. 


    250 lb weight capacity

    500 gallons of water

    Setup Area: 7x8x7

    Space Required: 7x8x7
    Outlets: 0
    Age Group: 6+

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