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Product Information:

  • Are you ready for some 2-on-2 action? The 4-Man Aeroball® lets you do just that. When teams of two go head to head, a significant degree of extra strategy is introduced. Imagine having to time your bounce and shot, or pass, based on what three other players are doing. Things get frantic fast, but the fun doesn't stop until everyone is out of breath.
  • Two games of 2-Man Aeroball® can be played simultaneously on the 4-Man unit. This added flexibility is a boon to any business or organization who might use it.

Price: $0.00 per 4 / hrs.
Circuits needed: 0
Item Dimensions: 187L x187W x 175H
Space Needed: 187L x187W x 175H

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Aeroball- Please call for pricing

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