Up to Half Off Our Biggest Attractions!
Up to Half Off Our Biggest Attractions!

Up to Half Off Our Biggest Attractions!


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During these crazy times we are offering a crazy special on our biggest and most exciting attractions.  These are normally rented out to schools, corporations and churches but with the shutdown you can now have these in your backyard at a fraction of the normal price.

These can't be booked on-line so give us a call and we will get you booked for a great time.



Item Normal 4 hour price Special Weekday Price Special Weekend Price
Mechanical Bull $795 $445 $495
Toxic Meltdown $995 $495 $595
Bungee Trampoline* $395/hr $275/hr $350/hr
Aeroball - Full Day $995 $495 $595
34' Edge Slide $799 $499 $549
Kraken Slide $599 $349 $449
Tower Photo Booth $695 $445 $495
RC Racing $995 $545 $595
Zorb Balls and track $399 $279 $319
*2 hour minimum










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  • Rainbow BouncerRainbow Bouncer

    Rainbow Red, Yellow & Blue Bounce House

     This castle is a perfect gender neutral bouncer for boys and girls! It's a fun addition to a birthday party, school function, family picnic, or carnival to keep the kids busy all day long!

    Make sure to leave at least 3 feet of space open on each side for safety reasons.

    Actual Size: 13x13x15
    Setup Area: 13x13x15
    Outlets: 1
    Participants: 8
    Age Group: 10 and younger

  • White Folding Chairs with cushionsWhite Folding Chairs with cushions

     If you would like us to set up your chairs for your event, there is an additional $0.50 charge per chair.

  • Rock Climb Slide RetroRock Climb Slide Retro

     This is a great unit for any event and caters to all ages. Race at the front and slide at the back.   You can combine this unit with any of our obstacle course inflatables to set up an even bigger challenge

    Actual Size: 11 x 30 x 18
    Setup Area: 15 x 40 x 20'
    Outlets: 1
    Age Group: 5+

    * Required Fields

  • 60' Rock Climb Obstacle Challenge60' Rock Climb Obstacle Challenge

     2-piece unit combines our Rock Climb Slide with our 31 Foot Backyard Obstacle  

    L & I Inspected- May 2020

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