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Fairy Tale Combo- Wet
Fairy Tale Combo- Wet Fairy Tale Combo- Wet Fairy Tale Combo- Wet Fairy Tale Combo- Wet

Fairy Tale Combo- Wet


per hour


for 2 hours


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for 8 hours


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Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

27'W X 13'D X 14'H

Space Needed:

30'W X 15'D X 15'H

Product Information:

Have some extra colorful fun at your next event with our Fairy tale Combo unit! People of all ages will find a variety of features inside this unit: a slide, a climb up, huge bouncing area and a basketball hoop!  It will definitely add value to any event!

  • Actual Size: 28'W X 14'D X 15'H
  • Setup Area: 32'W X 18'D X 15'H
  • Outlets: 1 Outlet on dedicated breaker within 50' of setup location
  • Age : 12 and younger

Product Reviews:

  • 4/10/20MarkMassive, but still easy to set up. Our kiddos loved it!

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