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All-Star Jump
The Bungee was hugely popular – a line the whole time!
The Joust was most liked by our men! A great way for them to challenge each other.
The Mechanical Bull: was a great hit. So fun to allow the kids to ride. The rope that they are to hold onto was difficult to work with.
Your crew was fantastic! Our congregation is looking forward to next year already.

Thanks so much!
All-Star Jump
What a wonderful time. The weather was great too. Mark was so nice and made sure everyone had a great ride. He was just plain awesome! So was your bull--best looking one I've ever seen. Thank you for everything!
All-Star Jump
Hi Phillip!

Everything went GREAT last night! Everyone had a wonderful time and Scott, Micaela and Rachel were amazing! Everything was a success. Thanks so much to you and your team!

Have a great Christmas holiday and thanks again for everything. It’s always a pleasure working with your team!
All-Star Jump
Thank you for providing the inflatables and trampoline for our kids carnival for our Davenport Pioneer Days. The kids in the community enjoyed everything.
Your employees, Charlie and Jake, were did exceeded my expectations. I was grateful they were willing to work around a few minor glitches we had trying to find the perfect spot for the trampoline.
The committee is looking forward to planning another kids carnival next year.
All-Star Jump
Dear Phillip,

Thank you SO much for being a part of our Steps for Autism event this past Saturday! We saw over 600 families and the comments we have gotten have been so positive! Everyone loved all your activities and what you brought to our community. The day would not have been successful without you there, so thank you!
All-Star Jump
Thank you for your exceptional service... Mark did witness the professionalism of your crew so you made a good showing for next year!
All-Star Jump
Everything was great Phillip. The High Striker wouldn't work at first, but with some minor adjustments we got it working like a charm. The 63 foster care children had a wonderful time. Most of them have never had a birthday party before in their lives! It is so wonderful to see their eyes when they first see everything! I had one little girl come up to me and say "this is the best Birthday party ever"!!
Thank you again for helping us change their lives in just one week.
All-Star Jump
Talking with our custodial staff and admin/staff, it went fantastic. Your staff was the best we have ever had here during our Field Day. They were quick, attentive, polite and always on top of things. Thank you and we also look forward to having you guys back next year. I was already asked to request that you send the same staff. Thank you and have a fantastic day!
All-Star Jump
Your crew did a fantastic job!! Thank you so much!
I will definitely try to use you again in the future. It all boils down to the theme chosen. I will keep you posted…
Thanks again.
All-Star Jump
Hey! Everything went great! Our crowd had a great time and the guys with the inflatables were awesome. Thanks for everything!
All-Star Jump

It could not have been better- sorry you weren't there! The bouncy house was definitely the hit of the picnic.
Thank you very much for your prompt attention to making this work for us including the quick turn-around on the insurance certificate.

I would recommend All-Star-Jump in a breath!